True One-Step Rapid Assays for Point of Care

See How It Works

Our lab-at the tip of your finger.

We are reinventing how diagnostic lab work is performed at point of care.

NOWDiagnosticsTM is a leader in innovative diagnostic health testing. Its ADEXUSDx® product line features a lab at your fingertip, using a drop of blood to test for a variety of conditions, illnesses and diseases with results in a matter of minutes. By eliminating the need to send tests to off-site laboratories, NOWDiagnosticsTM  has the potential to dramatically decrease the waiting period to determine test results.

 Tests administered on-site by you.

Because you administer these tests immediately on-site, you’ll reap the financial benefits that once had to be outsourced to other labs.

  • 5Minutes1
  • 1 Step

Provide faster diagnosis

No more days of delay waiting for many common test results. Our tests allow doctors to start an immediate course of treatment.

Patients peace of mind

Our patented rapid assays have the highest degree of proven efficacy. The results are incredibly fast and exceedingly accurate.

  1. 1) As little as 5 minutes, none that will exceed 15 minutes